The 2016 ACA open enrollment has begun and for those you who need to enroll for the first time, change plans or report changes, now is the time. Get signed up before December 15, and your coverage will begin January 1. You will see some big changes this year, especially in the number of companies participating in the marketplace. Some of these changes include:

  • Many carriers have increased their rates by double digits well over ten percent, causing consumers to change carriers in order to meet subsidy guidelines and their budgets. 
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield will eliminate individual PPO plans.
  • Non-compliance penalty will increase to $695 or 2.5% of MAGI.
  • The employer mandate will take effect. Businesses must provide health coverage to full-time employees. 

For information about changing plans, visit


Do you need help with processing your new health insurance through the Exchange? Follow these steps.
STEPS TO HELP CUSTOMER TO GET INSURANCE THROUGH EXCHANGE WITH GOV. CREDIT Remember to write down everything that you put in their system, because it will ask you again or re-login., and look up on the top left corner of each page to see which website you are in. 1. Customers must bring copies of recent income tax return, copy of last insurance (if there was), legal alien card, if not U.S citizen. Best to have customer sit with agent to process application, it may take over 1 hour. 2. Producer login their username and password under 3. Input customer census. 4. Create customer’s username and password in www.bcbstx.comwebsite, this for each individual or family. 5. After agent creates username and password in BCBS website, it will take agent to website. 6. Create username and password for customer in, agent can use the same username and password that created in BCBS, or create new one, or if customer already tried to do themselves-agent must use the same that they input in this system, and continue to work on their incomplete application, or call the agent 24/7, 1-800-318-2596. 7. After this step, it will ask customer’s email, agent must have them open email that send a URL link. Copy that link to work on application, and continue fill in questions. 8. Set up security questions, answer, and must write them down, and give to customer so they can use for later. 9. Continue and questions until it asks for income, only put in the amount of Adjusted Gross Income (which is on the almost last line on the 1st page of the income tax return copy. 10. When the application complete, it will ask agent to re login customer’s username and password, make sure enter the right one under BCBS, ready to enroll. 11. Click the Enrollment button. 12.  There are health plans options and the tax credit for the insurance premium, and the cost for customer. 13.  Select the plan, Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Gold. 14.  After select, on the bottom of this page would show the amount of credit, customer has a choice to use the full credit amount or partial. Whatever the credit amount customer chooses to use, and at the end when filing income tax, customer may have to pay back or get back money depending on the Adjusted Gross Income of consecutive years and marital status change. Please call a agent 24/7, 1-800-318-2596 to explain more detail about this, and how their premium and credit will be change.   15.  The last step, click on “bill me later”, BCBS will send information in 48, or 72 hours, call BCBSTX at 
​1-888-731-0406 if you don’t receive information from BCBSTX. 16.  If you are not able to get through application, please contact Tony LaBarre from our office at 713-432-1167.