5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Disability Insurance

When we think of business insurance, we usually think of a policy that protects against damage or theft of a business. And although general liability insurance covers this and a lot more to help a business get on its feet after a misfortune, business insurance protects agains issues that can keep it from continuing after the death of an owner or partner. 

Whether you need a Key Person, Second-to-Die or other business continuation policy to keep your company going long and strong, our experts can help you craft your documents and prepare them for your team approval.  

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If your business has a physical location, chances are you are you may be required to have a general liability insurance policy that protects your company's property and contents from damage or loss, and lawsuits.

​But if you sell products online, who is liable for injuries you customers may incur? Read more...
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General Liability: Does It Cover My Online Business?