Frequently Asked Questions

When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance sold by the rental company?

This question is asked my many people when they find themselves being offered "optional rental coverage". 

But before making the decision to purchase this additional coverage or not, make sure you know what type of policy you already have. 

This all depends on your personal auto insurance coverage, what protection your credit card offer, and where you are renting the car. So before you rent, call your agent and credit card company to see what you are covered for when renting a car so that you're not put on the spot to buy double coverage.

How much insurance coverage should I have on my home?

This really depends on how much property you have and how far you want to extend that coverage. A few things to keep in mind are these 6 key items of what is covered:

Dwelling - which will pay for the structure itself and any attached structures, such as the garage.

Other structures - such as fences, or an unattached garage.

 Personal possessions - will cover lost or stolen items, even while it's away from home.

Loss of use - will pay for some of your living expenses when your home is uninhabitable or being fixed.

Personal liability - provides coverage for you are sued and held responsible for someone's injuries or damages.

Medical payments - covers the medical bills of any person injured on your property.

Keep in mind that your dwelling and personal possessions will mostly determine the cost of the insurance policy.  

Will my child's personal property be covered while they are away at college?

Most homeowner's insurance policies cover personal property of a covered insured person while they are away from home. As a rule of thumb, we review our client's policies annually to keep them abreast of what's included in their policies so there're no surprises.

Do I need a liability policy for my business?

A good rule of thumb for any business is yes. A General Liability policy is good protection for the business against claims filed against the business for personal injury. And if your have 10 of more employees, you may be required to carry Worker's Compensation insurance as well.  

How much life insurance do I need?

First, if you have family who are depending on your income if you should pass away and don't have enough in savings, then you definitely need life insurance to replace that income. 

The next thing to consider is what type: term or whole life. If you want to protect your family from business or estate taxes then a whole life or universal life policy is what you should look into. If you're looking for pure income protection, then term is the way to go.