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A homeowner's policy offers protection for hazards that occur at the property address. But if my child is away at school? Will my policy cover her possessions? Find out what your homeowner's policy covers while your family is away from home, as well as any additional coverage your child may need while away. Read more...

What Every Parent Should Know About Student Property Insurance 

What are some of the common benefit and features you should look for in a renter's insurance policy? Read more...


Your home is your biggest investment, so it's important to know that when the unexpected happens, you're in experienced hands. The All Type Insurance Property and Casualty team will help customize a homeowners or renters insurance policy that will fit your budget, address your questions and concerns, so you can enjoy other things in life. 

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The Beginners Guide to Renter's Insurance

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3 Tips to Lower Your Homeowner Insurance Rates