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The only time I see my insurance policies is when I have to file a claim. I have a few that have been in their envelopes unopened since the day they were sent. I cannot claim being too busy, but carelessness. That's why I have taken the liberty of sitting down and reviewing my policies with my agents every year. 

I have to tell you that it's hard keeping up with the terms and 'what if's' in a policy and my agent has become the best teacher in helping me understand the intricate details of my policies. Continue reading...

Looking to lower your rates on motorcycle insurance? Arm yourself with the information you will need to get the lowest rate available for your situation. Continue reading... 

Insuring your vehicle is not only necessary it is a requirement and All Type has got you covered. 

At All Type, you can compare vehicle insurance coverage quickly and easily.

8 Essential Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Motorcycle Insurance

20 Facts About Auto Insurance That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End ‚Äč

Is My Vehicle Covered for This? 


An accident is never a good time to find out what your policy truly covers. If you've been a victim of not knowing the full facts about your policy, read on to find out why and get the facts.

Continue reading...

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